My New Girl Season 3 DVD just shipped!!






Omfg I choked on my breakfast😂😭


New Girl 5 Teasers from “The Last Wedding”
This episode is awesome - it’s super fun and I laughed a lot. You guys might remember that I didn’t love season three - this episode feels much more season one/season two and I’m really happy with it.
1. Four months have passed since Nick & Jess broke up and the gang has spent their summer going to a ton of weddings.
2. One of the guys has his hands full at the latest (and last) wedding - with ladies from previous weddings.
3. Someone literally turns and runs away from a sexual proposition.
4. CeCe gives Jess advice on how to land a guy (Veep’s Reid Scott - I love him. If you don’t watch Veep, remedy your life), but it’s someone else’s advice that she takes. Let’s just say it involves a political figure (there’s a clue here).
5. Yes, there is a moment where Nick and Jess are alone (I know you guys are wondering).

Anonymous asked:
Please, just don't tell me that they act like nothing ever happened between Nick and Jess! They all acknowledge that they had a long term relationship right? Or do they just ignore it through the episode?


They absolutely acknowledge it quite a bit.